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Chartered Building SurveyorChartered Building EngineerParty Walls SpecialistArbitratorRegistered Expert  BUILDING & PROPERTY DISPUTE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST        


Arbitration &

Alternative Dispute Resolution



Anthony J Kay joined The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators over 20 years ago.


Following gaining a postgraduate diploma in arbitration at the College of Estate Management at Reading University, he was elected a Fellow of that professional body in 2000.


Those years of experience will be put to use to resolve disputes in a fair, honest, and legally-binding procedure.


Arbitration is a legally-binding alternative to litigation. In normal construction-related disputes the process is subject to The Arbitration Act, 1996.

In Scotland it is subject to The Arbitration (Scotland) Act, 2010.


One of arbitration's main features is the principle of "party autonomy". ​Within the limits imposed by the relevant Act, the parties can decide how the arbitration is to be run.


It can be likened to "litigation in the private sector". Unlike in a Court of Law, which is in the public domain, all of the proceedings in an arbitration are private between the parties. Commercial organisations ofter prefer not to "wash their dirty linen" in public.


An Arbitrator will often be dual-qualified: in both the law (including arbitration) and a separate discipline such as surveying or engineering.


Proceedings can be "documents only" or can culminate in a formal hearing, with the parties represented by senior barristers.

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