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Chartered Building SurveyorChartered Building EngineerParty Walls SpecialistArbitratorRegistered Expert  BUILDING & PROPERTY DISPUTE RESOLUTION SPECIALIST        


Building Disputes



Once you have decided to have substantial building work done you usually have to have building drawings prepared. Then you may decide to ask for quotations or estimates. Be aware that there is a big difference between the meaning of those two words.

A legally-binding contract does not HAVE to be in writing, but if yours is not then you may be at potential financial risk.   TAKE ADVICE.


If the work is not done to the standard that you expected, what will you be able to do about it?


If the cost increases way beyond what you had expected, what will you be able to do about it?


If the builder "goes bust", is there anything that you can do about it?


How can you protect yourself?  TAKE ADVICE.



Sometimes, builders and their employers fall out. It happens!

It does not have to end in a dispute, but where feelings run high it often can do.

It is always in everybody's better interest to take out as much heat as possible and seek a resolution that is fair to both parties and is also legally binding.

No-one wins once it gets into Court.



Anthony Kay has successfully been providing expert help in building-related disputes for over 30 years.


Whilst mostly in Yorkshire, the East Midlands and the North West, cases have ranged from Cumbria, the North-east to London, the South-west and the Isle of Man.


If you think that you have a problem, he is happy to offer up to 30 minutes free initial advice by telephone.

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