Party Wall Act

Party Wall Act

If you're planning on carrying out work that may affect a nearby building, you need to know about the Party Wall Act.

When the Party Wall etc. Act, 1996 came into force, it extended a well tried-and-tested method of dealing with development work that affected the owners of adjacent buildings. Previously only available in London and part of the south-west, it provides a statutory basis for carrying out work affecting party structures as well as protection for the other owners of those structures.

Despite the name of the Act it applies to a lot more than just "party walls". It also covers other types of shared structures (e.g. floors between flats), building new walls on boundaries and some excavations close to the foundations of nearby buildings.

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Getting the right advice early can save stress, time and money.

Whether you intend to carry out any work that may affect a nearby building or have received notice of proposed work on a neighbouring property, the earliest sound advice can save stress, time and money.

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