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When the Party Wall etc. Act, 1996 came into force, it extended a well tried-and-tested method of dealing with development work that affected the owners of adjacent buildings. Previously only available in London and part of the south-west, it provides a statutory basis for carrying out work affecting party structures as well as protection for the other owners of those structures.



Despite the name of the Act it applies to a lot more than just "party walls" . It also covers other typs of shared structures (e.g. floors between flats), building new walls on boundaries and some excavations close to the foundations of nearby buildings.


It is a very narrow area of both legal and surveying practice and requires a thorough knowledge of those areas of statute and common law, including associayed legal judgements. As such there are  few specialists in the field. Anthony Kay is one of the leading specialists in the region.


Whether you intend to carry out any work that may affect a nearby building, or have received notice of proposed work on a neigbouring property, the earliest sound advice can save stress, time and money. Don't leave it too late! Don't choose the wrong "surveyor".


The time limits imposed by statute cannot be extended, so make sure that your property rights are properly protected.




Anthony Kay is a long-standing member of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, which is THE leading organisation of Party Wall professionals: promoting excellence in party wall practice and freely disseminating knowledge.



If your building may have been damaged by nearby work that is covered by the Act then there is a simple, quick, and inexpensive way of getting redress.


If this is you, then phone to discuss your options, without obligation.




The law covers excavations that may affect your buildings.

You have statutory right to have steps taken to protect you and your property.


This can include piling work nearby.




Developers can spend a lot of money needlessly if they fail to consider the property rights of neighbours at an early stage.


Take professional advice early to avoid unforeseen costs.


You CAN interfere with your neighbour's property rights if you need to, but their rights are protected too.



Are you looking for initial advice to smooth the statutory procedures and take the greatest benefit from the rights granted by the Party Wall etc. Act, 1996?

Is work planned on a neighbouring building that may affect your building?

In either case, you will benefit from highly-qualified and experienced advice. Ignoring or misunderstanding the statutory requirements and legal background can prove very costly, as can taking advice from someone who is not an expert. You can easily protect yourself whilst making full use of your statutory rights.


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